Today, dinosaurs mainly capture the imagination of children. Take a look of the entire dinosaur related toys, animations, games, and movies, we know that the theme of dinosaurs has not changed from being a fascinating one. Why do all kinds of people, from children to scholars and from the entertainment industry to the media, seize hold of dinosaurs? This is because the dinosaur is the most attractive topic among ancient mysteries; so we should explore this mystery so that people can see how their previous understandings can be a bit off or even wrong.

From the point of the scattered dinosaur fossils around the world, China is the nation that has many dinosaur fossils. Also, from the view of ancient myth and literature, the ancient Chinese’s description of the dinosaur is unique. For example, the archaeological finds of “The First Chinese Dragon” tell us that the ancient Chinese used shells to form the shape of a dragon on ground a few thousand years ago. That gave scholars a puzzling enigma. (1) Here we would like to ask a series of related questions: if the ancient Chinese had not ever seen a dragon, how would they fabricate one? We can see from man’s psychological, mental memory, imagination and creativity, that it is impossible for man to create a myth regarding nature and animals out of nothing (please read: Psychological Analysis on Authors of Myths). In addition, dinosaur fossils proved that dragons had existed on the earth.
However, how did the ancient men see dinosaurs? Today, the modern people often use the theory of evolution to explain that dinosaurs were extinct sixty million years ago, long before prehistoric humans came into existence. However people’s imaginations and dreaming based on the theory of evolution are not eligible to comment on ancient history. Because all researchers of history know a basic knowledge: historical facts should be proven by historical data and materials. And why don’t people look at and believe the historical materials left by the ancient men? The answer is really simple, human brains have been clotted with false concepts and ideas.

The next question is if ancient men had been alive when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, how did they get along living together? The Bible tells us that before the flood, the people and animals ate only plants. Also, those nutritious “super fruits” enabled people to enjoy eight to nine hundred years of long life in a most healthy environment. Therefore, people had their relaxing lives without laboring, and they had time to tame and play with animals (who had a humanlike face). As we look at the domestic pets of today, it should seem logical that the ancient men and the ancient animals got along well.

But, after the great flood, the environment had been changed and some of the animals changed from being vegetarian to being carnivores. Also, God allowed the people to eat meat and taught them how to cook it. So strife came between men and certain types of dinosaurs. For the ancient texts had stated, “At the time of Yao, the waters went upward and some parts of China were plagued by floods, and snakelike dragons resided in the land, and the residents could not live in peace” and “they cut hairs and made tattoos that prevented harm from the dragons.” (2) Why did the Chinese call certain types of dinosaurs “flood dragons”? Because the people regarded the dinosaurs as the cause of the floods. But in fact, after the Great Flood of Noah, the climate changed into a tropical environment; also the great flood that came from heavens enlarged the earth’s volume and made the gravity increasing. This, of course, caused the massive dinosaur to stay at ponds and swamp for enduring the suffering from the environment. Whenever floods came, the “flood dragons” had to run towards higher elevation to avoid the floods. So, the ancient people saw this and concluded that the dinosaurs were “bringing” the floods.

Today, people may occasionally find strange monsters and they become the mysteries of the modern era. For example, scientists discovered a living dinosaur in Lake Gelai in Africa in 1983. Why is the dinosaur still alive? (3) Hereby, we still like to ask: Nessie In Scotland is a survival from the species of evolution? Where did Heilongjiang’s (Black Dragon River) name come from? Why did the Chinese living in the northeastern part of China see a black dinosaur in 1944? (4)

In the Bible there are references to dinosaurs, but in Chinese versions it is referred to as a hippopotamus (English NIV calls it a behemoth in Job 40: 15-24 (5). As long as we make every effort to study the many ancient documents and artifacts, then we can find traces of dinosaur existence. If we will be able to bring the various clues together, we will be able to solve the age-old mystery.

Still a question, besides the dinosaur which is the king of all ground animals, is the phoenix, the king of all birds, a true legend or did it really exist before? It should be noted that in addition to the ancient Chinese, the ancient Indians in the America, the tribe living in the mountains of the Himalayas, in the monuments of ancient Egypt, have their legends and myths of worshipping a huge bird as their totems. This bird is most likely the phoenix which the ancient Chinese mentioned. It is also the flying dragon and it looks like a snake, or like a dragon, and is a mysterious creature with feathers.

How did dinosaurs become extinct? Because the massive dinosaur could never adapt to the new climate. It couldn’t find enough food to provide adequate nutrition and salt to maintain physical needs. Also, the continuous changes of the land with floods eventually wiped out the dinosaurs four thousand years ago. But the most important reason was that the Creator removed them from the earth to leave a mystery that was the puzzle for mankind in the years to come.

Friends, as long as we have these modern and ancient mysteries connected with each other, and we will be able to prove with the help of the Bible and the ancient Chinese literature that the ancient Chinese did live with the dinosaurs four thousand years ago. This may explain why the Chinese claimed to be descendants of the Dragon. Here, we would like to point out that the ancient men and the dragon had contact with each other, which is rather than guess or making a hypothesis; because we have many ancient materials as evidence. In addition, we hope that people who wish to explore the dinosaurs go to the Siberian permafrost layer to dig and they maybe find frozen dinosaur bodies. This is because the last dinosaurs to survive were in this area of swamp. There, people have dug out huge frozen mammoths. If we can dig up a well preserved dinosaur, paleontology is bound to change! People will also humble themselves before the Truth of the Bible.

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(5) Behemoth is translated as a huge Monster according to《English-Chinese Dictionary》(Shanghai Yiwen Publisher, 1989), with a note to the Bible of Christianity, regards it as hippopotamus. Also refer to Webster Third New International Dictionary (Springfield, Massachusetts: G. & C. Merriam Company, 1979), states that the noun is from Hebrew Bible, Job 40:15-24, it is maybe hippopotamus. But we should notice that modern men do not know how to pronounce “Behemoth”, but they suppose it as hippopotamus. However, from the scripture, we may see that the description of the huge animal with the four limbs of the body and a huge tail is not proper for hippopotamus, but it is suitable for the real body of the fossils of huge dinosaurs.

The modern men have not seen dinosaurs, but why they draw all kinds of dinosaurs with different shapes and appearances and colors?

How about the records and arguments of strange monsters found by the modern people?

Why did the ancient people cut their hairs and made tattoos?

How many pairs of wings did the phoenix have? Why were there the records of the ancient people riding dragons to fly into the sky?

How did the changes of the earth’s gravity and the environment extinguish the ancient animals?

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