What is the Greatest Deception of the Mankind

From the earliest times to now, mankind has experienced an unfathomable number of deceptions. But everyone lies from an early age without the need of a teacher. Similarly everyone will be deceived. When they are greatly hurt by a lie, they might view it as the greatest fraud they ever experienced in their lifetime. However, for the whole of mankind, what is the greatest deception of all? Or in other words, what gave mankind the most damage? The answer is the hand in hand workings of evolutionism and atheism. These ideas have fooled many, causing them to lose sight of the meaning of life and then they lose the chance of the pursuit of eternal salvation.

The Simple Step for a person becoming stupidity

First, we should make a definition of stupidity: human stupidity means that people do not understand the true identity of themselves, but invented all sorts of philosophy and religions for self-deceiving. What is the true identity of the mankind?

What is the True Difference

Time magazine had a cover article in the issue on October 9, 2006: “What Makes Us Difference (WMUD)?” It showed the latest gene comparative studies for explaining the evolutional relationship between chimps and man. You may check the contents of WMUD on the website of Time.com. I used the study of WMUD to quote a part of the contents and its arguments to analyze a traditional mistake of evolutionists, with an understandable logical analysis for the public. They apply the so-called “scientific formulas and diagrammatic decomposition method” to packaging philosophical conception of religion, because the theory of evolution itself is a religion, no proof but needs human belief to accept. Here, we expect you carefully think about the four questions.

The Big Bang Theory: the popular and deception of Scientific Myth

Today both the scientific community and the religious group recognize the Big Bang theory, but they have different starting points. The first group seeks to find an explanation for the beginning of the natural world that has nothing to do with a divine being; the latter group seizes the fact that the Big Bang needed a cause of beginning. This explains that the first cause was God’s creation, but scientists who are atheists claim that such a Big Bang will be carried out continuously in cycles.

Evolutionist and Atheist can not answer a Simple Question: the True relation between Order and Chaos

Below, a piece of sculptures expresses the human pride and paranoia, and this also shows the basic attitude with which atheists and evolutionists proclaim their opinions. However, when we think about and discuss the following topic, the complicated theory and associated questions created by atheism and evolutionism will become very simple, so people who have a basic logical thinking can understand that the world did not come from evolution, but it was created by an everlasting God. Here the meaning of a simple question indicates that people who have no educational degrees but can tell Moon is a rounded sphere, and salt is salty, and sugar is sweet, are able to participate in the discussion of the following topic. Through the discussions, we need to understand the relation between order and chaos is not artificial, and it cannot be changed by human consciousness, but it is the objective and truthful relation.

How to correctly raise Questions

Friend, while we carry on the great discussion at the site of Exposing Mysteries, we should firstly bring up questions in accordance with logical thinking; and then we may develop our research and discussion, instead of stopping in a dead end or walking in a circle at one place. The photo in left side has its own problem, can animal read human books? If they do not understand but raise wrong questions or deny logical thinking, it may be a question to make people both funny and annoy. Here, let us analyze questions in problem or arguments in contradiction from four aspects, and then we may sum up some matters need attention for raising questions.