What Kind of the Gospel do you Preach

Today church leaders always talk about various methods, programs, and plans of preaching the Gospel, but do they think about what kind of the Gospel they deliver to people. Here, we can bring up an example of a common content used by church believers for telling people the Gospel: “God so loved the world and will give them the eternal life; but because of their sins, people are isolated from God. Therefore, Jesus Christ became the sole salvation prepared by God for forgiving human sins. When you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, you will get the eternal salvation and have a good relationship with God.” This concise message of the Gospel is from the Bible, and we may easily tell people the basic meaning of God’s salvation; but when we teach people the Bible and do discipleship, we should tell them the whole contents of the biblical truth, especially all teachings from Jesus and the core of the new life in the Lord.

The Twelve genera(Zodiac sign)of the false preachers and hired hands

Today, when we face the problems of the gospel organizations and the church, while we sigh for the lukewarm believers, we must understand that those problems have a very close relationship with the life and characters of preachers/ministers and religious workers. The Lord Jesus expected that the disciples he called should learn from him and become a good shepherd who is humble and self-denying; don’t become a hired worker, let alone become a false preacher (thief). Here we use the familiar Chinese Zodiac signs as a metaphor to briefly analyze the characters and mistakes of the false preachers and hired workers; and hope that the majority of believers and preachers can use this as a lesson, in order to carry the cross to follow the Lord Jesus, not only to renew lives, but also to lead the herding sheep to pursue a rich life in Jesus.