Please select the topics of the Biblical teachings below, some of them are in bilingual, which may broaden your view and deepen your understanding on the word of God. If you have any questions and feedback, please contact us.

Rev. Morley S. Lee: The Power of the Gospel;   The disciples Life;   Edifying the body of ChristMore Topic;

Rev. Hongjie Yu: What exactly does God want;   Christ Alone;   Brethren overcame himMore Topics;

Rev. Bill Smith: When God doesn’t;

Rev. Chuanzhang Liu: Go Forward for Christ;

Rev. James Hudson Taylor IV: A Voice for Mission;

Rev. John Sun: Jesus taught His believers;   How believers follow the Word of God;

Rev. Tongpei Zhou: Believers should know these teachings of the Bible;   Exegesis on the Gospel according to JohnMore Topics;  

Rev. Elder Zhixiong Liu: How to become Anointed King recorded by 2 Samuel;    The Testimony of the Disciples;