Christian Scholars should think carefully before taking any Statement

Today when we read the Christian books, magazines and websites, we will see some Christian scholars expressed their interpretations of the book of Genesis in the Bible, but they often have some concepts of the theory of evolution in their integrations; for instance, how many million years of Earth’s age and the long history of mankind, and biological genetics and radioactive dating, and so on. Their views and purpose are to tone God’s power of creation in with evolutionism and various scientific theories so as to avoid the contradictions between them. In fact, they depart from the stance of the biblical truth and cater for secular viewpoints; just as some Christians and clergy agree with homosexuality which is disobeying to God’s teachings. Therefore, we hope Christian scholars should firstly think about the following three questions before they make their statements.

Different Perspectives on Creationism

There are different views and opinions in the field of studying creationism, and two measures may tell those differences. First, God created the nature and the heavens in six days, how long each day is? The second, from Adam to today, how long the human history is?