Dr. J. Vernon McGee produced the five-year journey through the whole Word of God. Please keep studying the Bible with Dr. McGee, and you can get the spiritual help from the Word of God. If you like to know about Dr. McGee and his teachings, please visit the website of Thru the Bible ministry.

Genesis;   Exodus;   Leviticus;   Numbers;   Deuteronomy;   Joshua;   Judges;   Ruth;   1 Samuel;   2 Samuel;   1 Kings;   2 Kings;   1 Chronicles;   2 Chronicles;   Ezra;   Nehemiah;   Esther;   Job;   Psalms;   Proverbs;   Ecclesiastes;   Song of Songs;   Isaiah;   Jeremiah;   Lamentations;   Ezekiel;   Daniel;   Hosea;   Joel;   Amos;   Obadiah;   Jonah;   Micah;   Nahum;   Habakkuk;   Zephaniah;   Haggai;   Zechariah;   Malachi;

Matthew;   Mark;   Luke;   John;   Acts;   Romans;   1 Corinthians;   2 Corinthians;   Galatians;   Ephesians;   Philippians;   Colossians;   1 Thessalonians;   2 Thessalonians;   1 Timothy;   2 Timothy;   Titus;   Philemon;   Hebrews;   James;   1 Peter;   2 Peter;   1 John;   2 John;   3 John;   Jude;   Revelation;