Thank God for His grace! Our speakers are very pleased to authorize Living in Jesus Ministries to use their teachings of audios and videos, so that they may spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus with us. May God bless their families and ministries.

John Vernon McGee was born in Hillsboro, Texas, in 1904. After completing his education (earning degrees from Southwestern University in Memphis, Tennessee; Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia; Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas), he was the pastor of churches in Decatur, GA, Nashville, TN, and Cleburne, TX. In 1941, Dr. McGee was persuaded to begin a Sunday radio program, The Open Bible Hour, on just one station. After retiring, Dr. McGee devoted his life to Thru the Bible. On December 1, 1988, Dr. McGee fell asleep in his chair and quietly passed into the presence of his Savior. Today, the worldwide work of Thru the Bible continues through a small staff and the prayers and faithful giving of wonderful listeners—committed to keeping the Bible Bus traveling through the whole Word of God until Jesus comes.


Rev. Bill Smith earned a Masters of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte.  Pastor Bill began his ministry career in 1988 as a Youth Pastor in High Point, NC.  In 1997, Bill was called as an Associate Pastor to Carmel Baptist Church in Matthews.  He served several roles on staff, and then in 2013 was called to serve in the nonprofit overseas mission ministry.  After a number of years serving in missions and local Christian education, Pastor Bill desired to return to the local church ministry.  He was called to Grace One Church as her English Ministry Pastor in Fall 2020.


Rev. Morley S. Lee joined in the student ministry of the Taiwan Campus Gospel Fellowship in 1963, and served as Director of the Training Department. Later, he went to Chicago to study at Wheaton College. Pastor Lee served as senior pastor of the Chinese Bible Church in the suburbs of Boston and pastored for 18 years. In November 1994, Pastor Lee and his wife were sent by the church as missionaries to Thailand. He had participated in cross-cultural missionary ministry in Southeast Asia for six years. In 2001, they returned to serve in the American Campus Gospel Fellowship and served as the director of the mission department. Rev. Lee served as General Secretary of Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism from 2006 to 2011. After that, he continued to promote universal missions. Pastor Lee and his wife often serve as speakers in Chinese churches and gospel conferences around the world, sowing the seeds of the gospel for the Lord.


Pastor Chuanzhang Liu: his parents were native of Shandong, China, but he was born and grew up in South Korea. When he was 19 years old, he believed in the Lord’s salvation, and he was called to serve God’s kingdom. Firstly, he went to Hong Kong to study theology and then he went to Taiwan to participate in the ministry of the church. There, Pastor Liu met and married his wife. Later, at the same time along his pastoral ministries, he studied at four seminaries and obtained bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Pastor Liu has served in the pastoral ministries of South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States for nearly sixty years. In 2014, Pastor Liu continued to serve the kingdom of God after retiring from the Chinese Bible Church in Maryland, and to preach the truth of God in many places. His wife and he serve God together and teach how to deal with the relations between husband and wife and how to raise children.


Pastor James Hudson Taylor IV is the fifth-generation of British missionary James Hudson Taylor, the founder of China Inland mission. He was born in Taiwan and completed his master’s and doctoral degrees at Asbury Theological Seminary. In 1983, Pastor Taylor married Yuemin Ke, a Taiwanese, and became the first offspring of the Taylor family to marry a Chinese. They had one son and two daughters. He served at the Boston Chinese Bible Church. In 1996, Pastor Taylor moved to Hong Kong with his family and served as the head of the personnel office of the Chinese Gospel Ministry of the Overseas Christian Mission, and then the head of the mission fields. He has served as the director of mobilization department of Chinese Gospel Ministry since 2008. In addition to his native English, he is also fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese and Cantonese. Pastor Taylor is currently the president of China Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan, and he continues promoting evangelism around the world.


Pastor John Sun was born in Shanghai. He graduated from Taipei Baptist Theological Seminary in Taiwan. Later went to Warner Pacific College in Portland, USA. Pastor Sun has successively held pastoral churches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, and Canada, and he was a speaker for Christian conference all over the world for more than 60 years. In the mid-1970s, he went to Vancouver, Canada to open the Great Vancouver Church. Later, he and the pastoral staff developed three branch churches (Surrey, Coquitlam, Richmond) to spread the gospel to the Chinese people there. Pastor Sun John retired from the position as senior pastor in March 2002 and became a consultant pastor. He is still often invited to lead evangelism and spiritual training in various places. 


Pastor Hongjie Yu is the Senior Pastor of Silicon Valley Christian Assembly (SVCA). He grew up in a Christian family in Taiwan. He came to USA for graduate studies and worked as IT engineer. He was called by the Lord to be a minister in 1991 and found a church with a group of believers in 1993. Later, he found Cedar Training Center in 2007. Mrs. Yu worked in Silicon Valley for 17 years before she answered the Lord’s long time calling to full time ministry in 1998. She has continued her divinity education while as assisting Pastor in shepherding the church. Find out more about Pastor Yu and Mrs. Yu as well as SVCA’s history.


Pastor Tongpei Zhou: graduated from the Department of Physics at National Taiwan University in 1966; later went to Cornell University for advanced studies, obtained a master’s degree in applied physics. He was reborn in the United States and in 1972, he was called to serve the Lord and entered the home of disciples to study. Established the Orange County Christian Assembly in California in 1978 and he served as the senior pastor. In 1983, he founded the “All Saints” quarterly and began to serve all the saints with words. In 1991, he produced a program at the Far East Broadcasting Corporation and participated in the gospel work to the masses of the mainland. In 1992, he entered the International Biblical Seminary for further studies and obtained a master of arts degree and a master degree in theology. In 1999, he joined the China Gospel Ministry of Far East Broadcasting Corporation as the executive director of the Ministry. In 2004, he entered the International Biblical Seminary as the director of the Chinese Department. In 2005, he served as the vice president and administrative director. In 2007, he received a doctorate in theology from the University of Wales. Now he is the president of the International Biblical Seminary.


Elder Zhixiong Liu is PhD. in Information Systems and senior director of computer software development. He is the elder of Bergen Christian Testimony Church in New Jersey, and the principal of Academy of Christ. He is often a lecturer in summer retreats and gospel camps throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Authors of “Different Life”, “Holding Hands for a Lifetime”, “Parenting According to the Bible”, “Training Children According to the Bible”, “Honoring Parents According to the Bible”, “Seven Words on the Cross”, “The Dew of Hermon”, and other books. Translations include “The Torch of the Testimony: The Spiritual History of the Church for Two Thousand Years”, “Being an Elder According to the Bible” and others.


Brother Moses Sun grew up in Beijing. While studying abroad, he began to pursue the spiritual sustenance of religion until he was born again and saved by Jesus Truth and the Holy Spirit on March 21, 1991. Then, he was called by God to devote himself to the work of preaching the gospel and was equipped with theological trainings at a theological seminary in the United States, and he obtained a degree of Master of Divinity in 1996. After that, he and his wife, Mary, joined in missionary works in gospel broadcasting and online media ministries.

From his experience of being saved and preaching the gospel to unbelievers, Brother Moses deeply felt the obstacles in the process of seekers’ understanding God, such as being troubled by evolutionism, atheism, and some religious issues. In addition, some so-called believers at Christian churches and organizations have not been born again. Therefore, he follows the example of the Lord Jesus, using Jesus Truth to challenge the lost souls both outside and inside churches for repenting truly to Jesus and being born again by Jesus Truth and the Holy Spirit.