Dinosaur Introduction

Today, dinosaurs mainly capture the imagination of children. Take a look of the entire dinosaur related toys, animations, games, and movies, we know that the theme of dinosaurs has not changed from being a fascinating one. Why do all kinds of people, from children to scholars and from the entertainment industry to the media, seize hold of dinosaurs? This is because the dinosaur is the most attractive topic among ancient mysteries; so we should explore this mystery so that people can see how their previous understandings can be a bit off or even wrong.

Can Dinosaurs produce Eggs?

In the circle of academic studies on dinosaurs, scholars have an inappropriate concept that dinosaurs reproduced themselves with laying eggs. Why did people come to this conclusion? The reason possibly related to the western people who first studied dinosaurs regarded dinosaur as terrible or great “lizard”; it is attributed to the reptile or reptiles (please see reference from the western encyclopedia). Therefore, they deduced that since lizards are animals of laying eggs and then dinosaurs may be the animals of laying eggs. Well, did dragons that were recorded by the ancient Chinese lay eggs?

Are They relatives: Incan and Tibetan?

During 1990s of the 20th century, the United States issued an Airmail stamp and there were such words: “The first Americans crossed over from Asia.” Therefore, people consider that the American Indians were from Asia across the Bering Strait and moved from North America to the South American continent. Thus, the Chinese and the Indians are distant relatives with blood relationships. When we look at a map: Tibet in the western part of China and Inca in the Andes of South America, can we assume that the Tibetan people and the Incans have the same origins in history?

Psychological analysis on Authors of Myths

Today when we study ancient literature and mythology, merely regard those contents what we fail to understand as superstitious fabricated ones, or as talking about bizarre fantasy-style story. But we do not rethink why we ourselves cannot understand the contents of ancient written records, such as《The Book of Seas and Mountains》from the ancient Chinese. Therefore, we should use the studies on the ancient times as a tool to research why and how the ancient peoples composed those myths which seems like a Double Dutch to the modern people. Here, we propose a new concept: “Mythological Psychology” and we expect those who are interested in this field to participate in the discussion.

Prevue Spirit and Soul

We know that most of nations, nationalities, and tribes have the written words or pronunciations of spirit and soul. If someone says that there is no the existence of spirit and soul, why have the words of spirit and soul existed? And the words of spirit and soul are not new vocabulary brought about in the modern history, for we may trace the words back to the origins of human civilization. The word of spirit in the ancient Jewish language also has another two meanings: respiration (gas) and wind. What kind of relationship does that application relate to the culture of Qi (gas) and Qigong (a system of breathing exercises) associated with the ancient Chinese civilization?