During 1990s of the 20th century, the United States issued an Airmail stamp and there were such words: “The first Americans crossed over from Asia.” Therefore, people consider that the American Indians were from Asia across the Bering Strait and moved from North America to the South American continent. Thus, the Chinese and the Indians are distant relatives with blood relationships. When we look at a map: Tibet in the western part of China and Inca in the Andes of South America, can we assume that the Tibetan people and the Incans have the same origins in history?

stampasiaAfter Noah’s great flood, Noah’s three sons and their descendants moved to Europe, Asia and Africa, and then they formed many nationalities with the expansions of families and migration based on the split-up of families. In that process, the earth had undergone a number of major floods and splitting of the five continents (which by some scholars have called the separation of continental plates), which also had the human tribes and the many animal and plants being distributed to the most parts of the world, and they left us many ancient mysteries. Among them, it is including many suspects how the Indians migrated from Asia to America.

TboyOne tribe of the Indians lives on the high mountains in South America, and they are called as the Inca people. The physical Twomanfeature of their lung functions is unique and they do survival in the rarefied oxygen plateau. And in the Tibetan plateau, people also have the same feature of their lungs and they can adapt themselves to the rarefied oxygen of the natural environment. This has caused us to make a peculiar imagination: were the Tibetans and Incans from the same family in the ancient time? Here, we would like to remind readers to notice: This essay is not the conclusions of the studies, but the question and guess for a hope that our crude remarks may draw forth by abler people, so that many scholars will be able to participate in this kind of research.

IncachildIncamanFirst, we should compare the two peoples in appearances and birthmarks with genetic research, as well as the similarity and difference between their physical and physiological characteristics. Here, we give you several photos of Tibetans and Incans, please look at who is Tibetans, who is Incans?

Second, we should study their languages and pronunciations in order to see if the two nationalities have the same origin or not.

Third, we should research the primitive religions before Buddhism came to Tibet and to compare with the Incan sun god and their primitive religion, to explore the religious relationship between the two nationalities.

Fourth, we should analyze their lifestyles, clothes, food, wedding ceremony, interpersonal relationships, application of their lunar calendars, and the traditional medicine and herbal medicine, and then people may find relations between these two nationalities.

Related Thought: Before the split of mainland, the five continents are the united huge continent. During the splitting, the Indian subcontinent was smashed into the Tibetan plateau. Was one part of mainland separated from Tibet Plateau and moved into the continent of South America or not? This is like a fairy tale, but you can analyze it with using the ancient information, see if it is possible or not. In addition, there are more marvelous assumptions: the ancient Indian and Tibetan worshiped god of birds (footnote 1) that were Large Birds or Flying Dragons. Those were not the “aircraft” or “spacecraft” for their migration from one place to another one?

The subjects for anthropologists: to apply genes and genetics, human physiology and medicine, national linguistics, geography and geology, the studies of world religions, and many of the relevant disciplines all together to do comprehensive study to see whether we can discover more clues and materials. Of course, we should get inspiration and wisdom from the Bible, so we may add the finishing touch on our exploration and research.

Footnote for Research and Discussion:
(1) 《Fingerprints of The Gods》, translated in Chinese. Beijing: Nationalities Publishing House, 1999; vol. I, pp. 139-148, and picture 33.

H. Moses Sun wrote this article. The second edition in Chinese was published on February 28, 2007. The edition of translation was published on August 18, 2007.

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