The Chinese in Europe and the United States seem to react more strongly to the epidemic than other ethnic groups, because they have heard too much information about the virus. And this time the virus can be called supernatural and unpredictable: when will it end? How accurate is the test? How strong is the spread and attack of toxicity? And so on. So, what kind of precautions and preparations should we Christians have when facing such a vanishing crisis? In addition to the personal cleaning precautions explained by health experts, we must also pay close attention to the health and safety of the spiritual life. Here, our Living in Jesus Ministry team may give you three reminders:

First, under the light of Jesus Truth and the Holy Spirit, you must reflect on whether you have been born again and saved? Because in addition to a large number of lost souls outside the church, there are also many lost souls inside the church. These believers are only pursuing religious beliefs and spiritual sustenance, and they have never received a new life in the Lord Jesus. Now I invite you to open Chapter 25 of the Gospel of Matthew to study and think carefully. This gospel was aimed at Jewish believers at the time because they were the audience of Jesus’ preaching. Although they believe in Jehovah and keep the Law of Moses, they must be reborn and saved by believing in the Lord Jesus in the New Testament era after the coming of the Holy Spirit. Please refer to two articles here: The Truth of Rebirth and Salvation and the Assurance of Rebirth and Salvation; and consider whether you have established a life relationship with the Lord Jesus? If not, even though you are not infected with the virus now, some kind of crisis in the future will take people’s fragile lives. We hope you can click on “Eternal Life” immediately and completely repent to the Lord Jesus, so that you will be reborn and saved and enter the security of eternal life. Conversely, when your spirit faces the judgment of Jesus, He will say that He does not know you (Matthew 7:21-23).

Second, if you have confirmed that you are born again and saved, please think about it: Do you imitate the Lord Jesus in your life-character and life? The Lord Jesus not only requires those who believe in Him to abandon the old life to gain new life, but also to take up their cross to imitate the Lord. Please refer to two articles here: The Lord Jesus taught his disciples how to bear the cross and the command for believers’ imitating the example of Jesus. When you are moved by Jesus Truth and the Holy Spirit, and are willing to do this, you may spend more time studying the teachings of the Bible. The gospel website of Living in Jesus provides you with many programs and articles. I hope you can listen to and watch more Bible study programs during this time, get spiritual help, and continue to renew your life with us in the Lord Jesus.

Third, during the pandemic, most people have reduced outdoor activities and less contact with relatives and friends, and many churches have also moved their gatherings online. Now is a great time to spread the gospel online. People spend much more time online. At the same time, the sense of crisis brought about by the epidemic may also make many people think about their meaning in life. And preaching the gospel is also one of the main contents of our Living in Jesus, which is to imitate the Lord’s mercy for lost souls, the Lord’s criticism of religious hypocrisy, and the Lord’s calling and salvation of sinners. We spread the gospel on the Internet to transcend the limit of distance, and can be carried out instantly across the globe: from our family, to our friends, to our classmates and colleagues, and finally to everyone we meet online. And it’s very simple for believers to preach the gospel on the Internet. As long as you can tell them the URL of the Gospel website of Living in Jesus Ministries (there is a ministry card on the homepage, you can copy and pass it on), invite them to listen and watch, and witness your feelings after listening, being able to work with the Holy Spirit to move them to listen to the gospel online, so that they may have the opportunity to click on the “Way of Eternal Life” to believe in the Lord Jesus.

This global pandemic will lead to a series of related crises; what impact will this have on people? Time will tell all mankind. In short, we hope that the brothers and sisters in the Lord can regard each day as the last day of their lives and be ready to meet the Lord at any time. We cannot meet the Lord Jesus with empty hands; we must bring the good fruits of our life character and evangelism to glorify God. In this way, when we see the Lord Jesus, He will call us good and loyal servants, enjoying the glory of sitting with the Lord forever!

Living in Jesus Gospel Ministry Team