Peace be with Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Praise the Lord Jesus! Thank God for leading the path of living in Jesus Ministries; and thank you for your prayers and support. In order to promote the continuous development of the ministry and invite more believers in the Lord to participate in the ministry of living in Jesus, we conduct our annual Share-A-Thon for the Great Commission from mid-November to the end of each year. This year’s theme is: lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.

Why do we hold the activity of Share-A-Thon at this time? Since some Christians do not understand why the donation is necessary or they may have a misunderstanding about donation; and in this way, they are missing an important part of discipleship training. As a result, we will use the period before Thanksgiving Day to the end of year for Share-A-Thon every year, to fully and detailly explain the truth and teachings of the Lord Jesus about money dedication, challenge the faith and life of believers with the word of God, and work with the Holy Spirit to guide them in discipleship training of money dedication.

We will invite and encourage Christian listeners who truly believe in God to participate in the Internet missionary work of the Lord Jesus’ Great Commission. Because some Christians don’t know how to participate in a missionary work, or don’t know which Christian ministry to support, or don’t know more about living in Jesus ministries. We are willing to provide opportunities for the believers in the Lord to participate in the missionary works of the Lord Jesus’ Great Commission, and to let them know more about the vision and works of living in Jesus Ministries (please click on Mission Co-workers from About Us on the homepage), and know how to use money. At the same time, we also encourage you to participate in evangelism through your church or other ministries, and make your financial contributions there.

The financial contributions that believers put up for the kingdom of God are not temporary, but are carried out year after year and last for a lifetime. Therefore, Living in Jesus Ministries will hold Share-A-Thon for Great Commission every year, and continue to inspire and challenge the faith, love and awe of believers with Jesus Truth. In the annual Share-A-Thon, we will use video and audio programs and articles to explain the teachings of financial donations with Jesus Truth. We will also share the needs of our ministry with audiences and readers, and answer their questions. The amount of our annual contribution is completely entrusted to God, and the specific amount is not mentioned, but we depend on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit gives more money to Living in Jesus Ministries by inspiring the Christian audience, we will do more mission works, that is, to open up new language ministry to spread the gospel.

No matter if you are giving one-time donation or want to give your support in several times yearly, no matter how much you donate, this is a testimony of your relationship with God. You may agree the amount of donation with God through your prayer and send it to the gospel organization. If you encounter any problems when donating money, please click “Contact Us” on the homepage of the website of Living in Jesus and contact us by email; we will try our best to help you to solve the problem and complete your money dedication to God.

We know that Christian listeners in the Asia-Pacific region may face the limitations and difficulties in the delivery methods when making donation. Even if you cannot send money to give, God accepts your heart for giving. We expect North American Christians to use convenient methods for giving your financial support to us. Your financial contributions are tax-deductible, because Living in Jesus Ministry is a non-profit organization, just like the church, and have tax exemption from the IRS. Let us offer prayers for the Great Commission and Share-A-Thon, asking the Holy Spirit to move the hearts of Christian listeners and encourage them to participate in the missionary work of the Great Commission, to glorify God with the good fruits of evangelism!

Living in Jesus Ministries Team