Thanks God, under the guidance of his calling for all things to work together, the ministry of living in Jesus was registered as a non-profit gospel organization in North Carolina in late June 2018. We are pleased to have the same name for our website as the name of our ministries: We believe this is God’s preparation and set the tone for our ministry. Because the core content of our mission in the online world is the Lord Jesus and all His teachings and testimonies.

We are also pleased to include Exposing Mysteries Web site in our ministry; this was originally the contents of the Exposing Mysteries Team Ministry (2005-2013), a textual ministry run by Brother Moses Sun. He will continue to write articles, and will record most of his articles into video and audio programs, which will be broadcast on the Gospel website of Living in Jesus.

We are a newly established Christian online media ministry. Although it was small in scale at the beginning, on the big stage of the online world, our vision is very big. It starts with Chinese and will be in multiple languages ​​and through multiple Media tools, to spread the message of Jesus Truth and the new life in the Lord to every corner of the globe. This is because many believers today believe in religious doctrines without gaining new life by born again in the Lord Jesus. This is also the main reason for the secularization and desolation of the church. Therefore, we look forward to your prayers and support, because we are solely dependent on the donation from born again Christians to work with us, fulfill the trust and vision given to us by the Lord Jesus, and guide more lifeless believers and seekers to know the Lord Jesus and experience a rich new life in Him!