Living in Jesus, the gospel ministry has four features based on its ministry vision and mission, and choosing unique contents and methods:

First, we purposefully choose the speakers and the gospel messages they preached, rather than listing the preaching information of many speakers (especially famous speakers) and a large number of programs such as Christian film, videos, audio and musical programs. Therefore, we want to use simple contents to facilitate the audience’s choice and listening to, or viewing and reading. In terms of audio programs, we mainly launch three fields: one is the Blessed Life Forum; this is to classify the voice information of some preachers according to thematic editing, which is to connect the Bible teaching with Christian life and daily living by selecting topics to facilitate the selection and listening of believers. The second is a series of Bible study programs, mainly the True Light Series Bible Studies and the Complete Collection of Kang Laichang Bible Studies, which may provide those who want to study the Bible systematically and those who work in the church. The third is the Christian Essentials program, which is to classify the relevant information of speakers according to the topics of traditional theology and doctrine. In addition, we also have Open Heart Video programs, which may broadcast the preachers’ sermons and special programs through video streaming.

Second, the recorded video and audio programs hosted by the preacher Moses Sun are mainly Jesus Truth, and the contents include a systematic discussion of the new life in the Lord, as well as the seven commands of the Lord Jesus and so on. He will also record the articles he had written into video and audio programs, ranging from imitating the Lord Jesus to the ancient mysteries, and of course, including a discussion of creation and evolution and scientism. Brother Moses thanks God for giving him the wisdom and gifts during his study of the Bible for decades with his faith in the Lord. He would like to share the results of his studies with others through text, video, and audio programs. Therefore, this is the exclusive featured programs of Living in Jesus Ministries. Please pray for the Preacher, Brother Moses, and ask God to keep his physical health and safety, so that he can devote more time and energy to produce gospel programs more effectively.

Third, we are simply holding the Bible above the theological and doctrinal limits of each denomination; you can see from the lecturer’s introduction that we have chosen preachers from different denominations. But we are consistent with those speakers in fundamental truths (see our Faith Statement). Therefore, we can delve into some difficult questions often raised by believers: how to deal with predestination? What is justification by faith? How to truly believe in the Lord and be saved? May salvation be lost? How to understand the true God of the Trinity? etc. The preacher Moses Sun will answer these questions for you in a comprehensive puzzle of summarizing the truth of Jesus.

Fourth, in order to facilitate commuters or busy listeners, we will produce fragmented programs; that is, try to edit the program length to about 30 minutes, and produce more programs within 10 minutes. In addition, we will provide some special topics in the form of voice and video and text for listeners to choose to listen to or watch and read. In addition, we provide our listeners with Daily Scripture Meditation in short paragraph words. You can read a short passage of Scripture and the finishing touch of the spiritual thought in less than a minute on the homepage of Living in Jesus website every day.

In short, we hope that these gospel programs can help you better to learn the truth of the Bible; therefore, we would like to know your feelings and opinions after listening to it. Please also tell your family, friends, and brothers and sisters in the Lord to visit the website of Living in Jesus; and then more people can hear the gospel and come to believe in the Lord Jesus.