Praise God! Living in Jesus Ministries (LIJM) was registered as a non-profit gospel organization in North Carolina in late June 2018, and was granted the status of 501 (c) (3) / Public Charity by the IRS in March of 2019. We started the Chinese ministry of Internet Gospel Media in July 2018, and today we already have more than 4,000 audio episodes for worldwide audience to listen to, especially during commute time. In addition, we also have video programs and literature.

We have published nearly three hundred articles in various categories to help believers and seekers with their needs for discipleship or answering difficult questions. We also offer a short paragraph of “Daily Scripture Meditation” on the homepage by selecting thousands of verses from the Bible to encourage Christians in their daily walking with Jesus.

We thank God and His faithful servants, now we have received the permissions from thirteen Pastors to use their audio and video sermons and teachings. These pastors are widely respected and welcomed among Chinese churches in the world. As the ministry expands, we will continue to increase the number of speakers to enrich the teaching resources of the Kingdom of God. Now our audiences spread across hundreds of countries and regions. Based on the number of visits and listening volume, North America is in the first place, followed by Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and South America.

The programs we have finished editing and posted on demand are “Complete Bible studies of Kang Lai Chang”, a total of 2138 audio episodes; and “True Light Bible Studies”, a total of 922 audio episodes. Those are great help for small Bible study groups and personal reading the Bible. In addition, our core program is “The blessed Life Forum”, and we have selected thousands of sermons and teachings, and then we edited them for quality and arranged them by topics for listener convenience. In addition, we also provide the audience with programs such as Basic Theology of Christianity, Open Heart Videos, and Jesus Truth. We will continue to add new episodes to those programs.

To offer more Chinese people the opportunity to hear the gospel, we will start “The Blessed Life Forum” in Cantonese. At the same time, to spread the gospel more widely, we have begun to build English-language websites ( With the Great Commission of the Lord as the driving force and goal, we are planning to use more advanced tools of online media to accelerate the breadth and depth of evangelism. Therefore, we are looking forward to the prayer support and financial support from our brothers and sisters in the Lord, so that we may have part-time team workers to speed up this new ministry.

Brother Moses Sun

Executive Director, Living in Jesus Ministries