Chinese audience: I visited the website and watched the program “My Marriage, My Sex” by Rev. John Zhao and his wife, Mrs. Enci Zhao. I received at least these three points for gain:

1, The biggest gain, they quoted from the scriptures that love is not self-seeking. 2, Rev. John and his wife talked about “sex” is not a necessity; without sex, people do not die, and sex is a desire that can be controlled (I am foolish and unclear, urgently needs to know and learn this). 3, Mrs. Enci Zhao said that the most important thing for human being is to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ, which should be Intimacy (people like me in an atheistic country face difficulty to do so). I am single man and have spent money on consumption for sex. 1 Corinthians 7:9: “for it is better to marry than to burn with passion,” therefore I want to marry a woman as soon as possible. I also want to please God in “sexual thing”. The most important fact for “sex” consumption is that I am not saved and feel confused, and I am also an ambiguous Christian.

Moses: Hello friends, I am glad to hear from you, knowing that you have listened to the marriage counseling topic of Rev. Johns Zhao and his wife on our website. May the Word of God renew your life. From your letter, you know that you have learned from the Bible about the relationship between husband and wife. You also understand that your life relationship with the Lord Jesus is most important. There are many Christians who take courses or counselling on marriage and family, but they feel difficult to do. The reasons are: first, people have not been born again and have no salvation and no new life. Second, although people have been born again and saved, he has not continued to renew his life in the Lord Jesus. If some people listen to the lecture just to solve specific problems in marriage, but without the new life in the Lord, they cannot do it, and they can’t really solve the problem.

With the change of the times, people have become more and more casual about sexual behavior between men and women. Many single men have sex consumption behaviors; and one-night stand or cohabitation is more common. I believe that by watching Christian marriage lectures, you know that only love-based sexual life in the marriage of men and women is blessed by God, and other sexual behaviors are all sins caused by physical lust. I am also happy for you have realized that you have not been born again, so you used to spend your money to satisfy your sexual desire. Now if you really want to get an eternal new life in the Lord and pursue a truly happy life, you must completely confess your sins and repent and get a new life of born again. You can read articles in the recommended articles section of the homepage of our website. I hope you can get the help from the Word of God.

Life is short. Sexual desire will soon disappear with the aging of the body; but the life of the spirit will last forever and will face God’s final judgment. Therefore, instead of living for the temporary and ageing flesh, we must strive to obey the teachings of the Lord Jesus, strive for the happiness of eternal life, and constantly renew life in the Lord Jesus. Thank you for your letter and may Jesus Truth and the Holy Spirit help you to have a new life!

Brother Moses Sun