Chinese listener: “I would like to know, after receiving education from one of natural key universities in China, how can God save you when you study in a western country? Can you share your testimony? Thank you!” Below is the testimony of Brother Moses:

Thank you for continuing to ask questions. Regarding how I believe in the Lord, I would like to emphasize here before the brief description that the experience of each believer will be a kind of different and cannot be applied arbitrarily.

I remember when I was about twenty years old, I did not know why I often thought about what kind of situation and feeling death was, and the last thing I thought of was that I was abandoned in the dark with loneliness, and that I would never return. But the world’s new things continue to arise, and I have no chance to see and enjoy. So every time I imagined the feeling of death, I felt that my heart was uncomfortable. In order to get rid of this consciousness, I made up a religion that satisfied myself: my soul can be reincarnated. At that time, I did not understand the reincarnation of Buddhism and the Living Buddha, nor did I believe that people have spirits. I just thought that as the surnamed Sun, I was Bin Sun in the age of Spring-Autumn Period and the Warring States, and later my reincarnation became Quan Sun in the Three Kingdoms period. Later, I was reincarnated into Zhongshan (Yat-sen) Sun at the beginning of Republic of China, and I am today. Actually, I just want to be a celebrity named Sun. During the summer vacation of the university I went to South Yangtze river, and I wrote such a poem: When Stone (means city Nanjing) turned around, the revival occurred in South Yangtze; Jingling (means city Nanjing) Changed three regimes, then the Republic of China appeared. May Stone and Jingling remember the former masters? The former Suns is here again. Therefore, I made up such a legend, this is only to comfort myself; and I feel it ridiculous.

But since having that kind of comfort, although I no longer think about the feeling of death, I have buried the idea of ​​exploring religion in my heart. In the early 1980s, I went to the church of Xuanwumen in Beijing with my colleague who taught philosophy (the church was just restored and not yet open to the public); but the gatekeepers turned us out. Later, during my overseas study, I was introduced by a neighbor of the international student dormitory to participate in the Chinese gathering in the Christian church; that was in October 1989. Before I was in China, I had read publicly published western masterpieces and movies, such as Notre-Dame de Pairs, the Gadfly, Scarlet and Black, Les Miserables, and so on. Those contained priests in black robe. Thus, I approached the church with a curiosity and wanted to understand Western culture and use it as an opportunity to integrate into Western culture. Therefore, at that time, I just wanted to find a spiritual trust in religion.

Soon after I attended the meeting, I raised my hand and expressed my willingness to believe in the Lord, but I was only lifeless religious believers for still living in sins. Because there is no change in my life, I go to church just to exchange information with other international students; and as long as I have other things to do, I will not go to church. That’s what I thought if you want to become a Christian, you need to be baptized. So I returned to the Chinese Church in order to accept the water baptism ceremony; and I was baptized in the morning at the church retreat on March 21, 1991. Thank God! When preparing to return home after dinner, some brothers and sisters proposed to pray for a while. After I knelt down and opened my heart to God, I saw the scenes of my past sin appearing from my eyes; and then I silently pleaded with God: “please give me the new life!” The faithful God instantly embraced me through the Holy Spirit, making me feel warm and my soul was filled with joy. Thinking back and forth, I knew that the prayer that night was the moment of my rebirth with salvation.

In the following Sunday worship, the Holy Spirit continued to work and moved me to give up my life plan and goal, and to be a full-time preacher for preaching the gospel to my countrymen. Under the guidance of the church pastor, I began to study theology an auditor. During my participation as church co-worker, some questions came to my mind: what is the purpose of people coming to church? It seems that they are asking God to help them to solve the problems encountered in real life; most of the people who have gotten and then no longer come, and those who have not gotten may not come for nothing. It seems that there are not many sincere and fiery believers in the Lord Jesus. How can let them truly believe and follow the Lord Jesus? With these questions in mind, I entered a theological seminary in the summer of 1993 for continue my studies.

When I truly believed in the Lord and was born again, I realized that the spiritual entrustment of religion is an empty spiritual opium. As long as I truly establish a life relationship with the Lord Jesus, I can get a new life that is eternal one. Now when I share my testimony with others, I may emphasize: Do not believe in any religion, including Christianity and Catholicism; but believe in the Holy Bible and the true God in Trinity inspired by the Bible. To be honest, there are many questions before and after I accepted Jesus as my Lord; for this reason, I read books and collect information to study the mysteries of evolution and creation and the mysteries of ancient times, and off course, including questions relating to the Bible and Christian faith. You can click to read the article on the homepage to see my thoughts on these areas. I also look forward to working with you to pursue Jesus’ truth and new life in the Lord; you are also welcome to continue asking questions. Thank you!

Brother Sun Moses