What people pay most attention to now is how to keep a distance from others and disinfect them frequently; however, these tensions caused by the epidemic will disappear over time. So, what should people care most about? In other words, what is the most important thing a person should understand in a lifetime? This is to understand that one has a spirit and pursue the immortality of the spirit. Preacher Moses Sun, a co-worker of Living in Jesus Ministries, is explaining and recording the first command of the Lord Jesus: believers must be born again and be saved.

Many Christians today come to the church because of their pursuing religion and spiritual entrust. After believing in the Lord, except for going to church on Sunday, their lives have not changed. They still live a self-centered life just like the world. We see them as lost souls inside the church, because they have not received a new life in the Lord through the process of being reborn and saved with the help of Jesus Truth and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, among North American Christians, some believers call themselves as born-again Christians to distinguish themselves from those who have not been born-again. But we want to ask: How do we think we are born-again Christians? What is the proof of rebirth and salvation? Are rebirth and salvation a single event, or do they happen separately? What does the baptism of the Holy Spirit have to do with regeneration? Regarding the rebirth that the Lord Jesus talked about, we can explain it in more than ten episodes. The first three videos episodes have now been produced: the first lecture on rebirth with salvation and John’s Gospel; questions about rebirth and salvation, and a summary of the features of John’s gospel.  The second episodes: the kingdom of heaven is near, you should repent; compare the teachings of John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus, the different results of believers in the Old Testament and New Testament on repentance, etc. The third one is about the sinful nature of man and the content of sins. From the perspective of the spirit, soul and body of man, the sinful nature of man is analyzed, like peeling an onion to analyze the content of human sins at the seven levels. You are welcome to watch it, and I hope you invite friends and family to watch it, or forward the link to people you know, and co-work with us to preach the way, the truth and the life of the Lord Jesus.

Brother Moses, Living in Jesus Ministries