Thank God! Living in Jesus Ministries continued to add new programs in the first half of 2020 (accumulated more than 5,000 audio and video programs in this month) and continue to expand into new areas. Today, we have gone through a two-year journey. Looking back, we must thank God for His faithfulness and anointing, which enabled our ministry to blossom and bear fruits. This is that, on the basis of the principles of faith, we adhere to the attitude of open development; that is, we do not set any boundaries, and let the moving and arrangement of the Holy Spirit lead us on the way ahead to expand the scope of our co-workers and services. Thank God! Chinese people all over the world can listen to the free gospel programs provided by Living in Jesus Ministries from any country or island.

In order to make it easier for people to listen to and watch programs, we have set up the special categories of programs on the home page. We have also added a communication and interaction blog to answer questions from the audience and introduce our new programs and the progress of the ministry to the audience. Since the beginning of January, we have set up a button for seekers to choose whether they like to believe in Jesus on the page of “Way of Eternal Life”. In this way, we will know how many people believe in the Lord, and use emails to help new believers study the Bible and answer their questions. Praise the Lord! Three listeners chosen to believe in the Lord Jesus.

Our new speaker this year is Rev. Tongpei Zhou (please learn about him and his ministry on the “Teachers Intro” page). His experience of believing in the Lord and his ministry are very rich, because he has experienced many church denominations and studied different theological doctrines, and preached the truth of heaven with a heart beyond denominations and focusing on the Bible. His preaching and Bible studies are not only meticulous, but also link church issues and the actual lives of Christians, and objectively evaluate different theological doctrines. it is helpful to Christians who are eager for revival and believers who want to learn more about theological and sectarian figures. We are happy to assist Pastor Zhou and his ministry by converting audio tapes of his preaching and lectures in the last century into MP3. You can hear the message of his preaching and teaching in the forum column of Christian Catechism and The Blessed Life in Living in Jesus Ministries.

Through the work of converting tape into MP3, we decided to promote the ministry of “Revival Tapes”, which is to “awaken” the preaching messages recorded in tapes by old pastors in last century, and edit them again for broadcasting. In particular, the simultaneous sermon information in bilingual: Chinese and English or Cantonese and English, can be posted on the English website at the same time after editing, so that English audiences can also understand that Chinese pastors use Eastern cultural thinking to explain the features of the Bible. For this reason, in the second half of the year, we will start broadcasting the sermons of Chinese pastors in both Chinese and English on the English website, and will also increase the Cantonese program of the Blessed Life.

While continuing to update the two Chinese websites, we have also initially completed the structure of the English website. In addition, we also began to use Facebook and YouTube to serve English audiences and overseas Chinese. Of course, we also interact with more Chinese people through Weibo and WeChat. We will try various new media tools and use a variety of ways to accelerate the speed and breadth of evangelism. To this purpose, our co-worker, Preacher Moses Sun has began recording videos this year, first focusing on explaining the seven commands Jesus gave to believers, and editing them into video and audio programs.

In the midst of the epidemic and the various disasters of the last days, we must accelerate the pace of evangelism. However, there are still bottleneck problems that need to be broken through. Those are the lack of manpower and funds for work, making some work impossible in time; such as adding English subtitles to the video. Therefore, please pray for the ministries of living in Jesus, asking the Holy Spirit to motivate the Christian audience to be willing to use money to support the gospel programs they listen to and watch. Thank God! The co-workers and volunteers of Living in Jesus Ministries take the Lord’s Great Commission as their responsibility, pray for the guidance and protection of the Lord every day, spread the gospel through the Internet every moment, and lead more lost souls back to God’s salvation.

Living in Jesus Ministries Team