In an era when public media, individual blog, and social medias are mingled, people have to deal with the flood of information, but they also have to face the problems of true and false news/information. Some people may be idle, wandering around each social media and column of topics to kill time. There are also people who don’t care what is true or false, as long as they feel pleasure to watch and hear them. And these who publish messages focus on how to write an attractive headline and compose the content by getting useful information from others. Therefore, they don’t care about the authenticity of the content, but should keep up with the timeliness of the news to get more clicks, in order to earn real money.

In fact, in ancient times, human beings have a hearsay preference. In the modern times when printing has become popular, scholarly thinkers have also published their own ideas, inferences or conjectures; when the crowd of likes is getting more and more, this trendy view has become the orthodox academic and common sense among academic and media circles. For example, the theory of evolution is born like this. Looking at the sectarian denominations and the complexity of doctrinal theologies in the Christian world, the catechumen who love to explore are often suspicious. So, is it important to ponder the news and fiction, or is it more meaningful to explore the truth of life?

Living in Jesus Ministry team is launching a series of lectures on “Seven Commands Jesus Give Believers”; its purpose is to directly explore God’s salvation and how people are saved, and how to pursue a holy new life in the Lord according to God’s will. The so-called direct refers to not enumerating the numerous theological doctrines and the views of celebrity leaders in the Christian world, but to comprehensively study all the teachings and testimonies of the Lord Jesus, and to summarize and logically follow Jesus Truth according to God’s will and heart. The topics are explained one by one. To be honest, objective truth is simple and clear, while subjective statements need to be decorated with rhetoric and idioms; it seems that the more complex and mysterious the philosopher’s expression, the more knowledgeable it is.

Now you can click to watch the introduction and the preface of the seven commands of the Lord Jesus, a total of four lectures. I believe you will be subject to a certain degree of spiritual shock and challenge. We look forward to your feelings and opinions after watching, especially your different opinions; that can help us better explain Jesus Truth. We also hope that you can pray for the gospel ministry of Living in Jesus, especially for the preacher Brother Moses, asking God to give him heavenly wisdom and courage, as well as physical health and peace of mind. We will make the command that the Lord Jesus gives to believers in May: they must be born again and be saved.

You can read related articles on our website, such as the truth about rebirth and salvation, and understand some content in advance. But the content of our lectures goes far beyond the scope of the article, and more specifically explains related topics, especially some controversial scriptures. We also hope that you can invite family, relatives, friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord to watch and introduce this important series of lectures to more people in your Facebook and social medias. May God bless your new life in the Lord!

Living in Jesus Ministry Team