The method of evangelism in the last century was that Christians distributed gospel flyers on the streets, or mailed gospel cards, or knocked on doors to introduce the gospel. Today, through the development of the Internet and new media, we can share the gospel message through smart phones without leaving the house.

Therefore, we would like to recruit three hundred warriors of Gideon (Judges 7:1-7) to work with us. Please forward Daily Spiritual Meditation in your interactive blogs and social medias, and share what you have listened to and watched as well as gospel articles, etc. In this way, you are doing the work of preaching the gospel and can bear the good fruits of evangelism with us. If you would like us to share the results of evangelism with you, please interact with us in the Lord via email; our email address is:; we will regularly send you newsletters and updates of programs and ministries.

Live in Jesus Ministries Team