Living in Jesus Ministries is a non-profit organization registered with the U.S. government and engages in gospel ministry through Internet and multimedia. High school and college students (preferably Christians) in the United States and Canada, if you are willing to try the editing of media programs and the operation of online public relations, you can contact us at (click “CONTACT“). You may have the internship without going out of home, you can receive training and gain talent.

For example: from evaluating English speakers who teach the Bible, to liaising and communicating with them, trying to get permission to use their programs. After that, collect and download programs, edit programs, or add voice recordings. This is an independent project that can train your communication skills and independent operation skills. In addition, editing of video programs: adding subtitles, editing short videos, adding pictures, text and music, etc.

Living in Jesus Ministries will give you a written internship certificate to enrich your resume and experience.

Living in Jesus Ministries Team