Is there really “Jesus” in history?

Is there really “Jesus” in history? If there is this “most important person (said by Rev. Tang Chong-rong)”, why does the country has never mentioned “Jesus” in the textbooks of history from elementary schools to middle schools and to  universities? Is “Jesus” in Christianity a fictional person? Is it a fantasy person that appears in the mind when people suck on spiritual opium? Please see the answer below:

How can God save you?

Chinese listener: “I would like to know, after receiving education from one of natural key universities in China, how can God save you when you study in a western country? Can you share your testimony? Thank you!” Below is the testimony of Brother Moses:

Feedback for “My Marriage, My Sex”

Chinese audience: I visited the website and watched the program “My Marriage, My Sex” by Rev. John Zhao and his wife, Mrs. Enci Zhao. I received at least these three points for gain:

Is Jesus the “Savior”?

A Chinese listener asked: The lyrics in “The Internationale” sang, “There has never been a savior.” And the Gospel of John chapter 4 verse 42 says, “we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.” I wonder if Jesus is the “savior”?