Please report Peace to Your family and friends (February, 2020)

The Lunar New Year’s Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day in February each year are a time to gather with family and friends. But at the critical moment of prevention for Covid-2019 virus, people are staying at home to avoid cross-infection according to the regulations of the regulatory agencies. Fortunately, people can do video chat with family and friends through various social media, to greet or comfort each other. As Christians, we should have no panic in the face of the virus epidemic, since we have peace in the Lord Jesus. The Lord told us, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) The Lord Jesus told us about many disasters before the Lord’s return; those are earthquakes, famines, plagues and wars, etc.

How to face the crisis of the pandemic (March, 2020)

The Chinese in Europe and the United States seem to react more strongly to the epidemic than other ethnic groups, because they have heard too much information about the virus. And this time the virus can be called supernatural and unpredictable: when will it end? How accurate is the test? How strong is the spread and attack of toxicity? And so on. So, what kind of precautions and preparations should we Christians have when facing such a vanishing crisis? In addition to the personal cleaning precautions explained by health experts, we must also pay close attention to the health and safety of the spiritual life. Here, our Living in Jesus Ministry team may give you three reminders:

Life Exploration: Removing the false and keeping the truth (April, 2020)

In an era when public media, individual blog, and social medias are mingled, people have to deal with the flood of information, but they also have to face the problems of true and false news/information. Some people may be idle, wandering around each social media and column of topics to kill time. There are also people who don’t care what is true or false, as long as they feel pleasure to watch and hear them. And these who publish messages focus on how to write an attractive headline and compose the content by getting useful information from others. Therefore, they don’t care about the authenticity of the content, but should keep up with the timeliness of the news to get more clicks, in order to earn real money.

Have You been Born Again and Saved?

What people pay most attention to now is how to keep a distance from others and disinfect them frequently; however, these tensions caused by the epidemic will disappear over time. So, what should people care most about? In other words, what is the most important thing a person should understand in a lifetime? This is to understand that one has a spirit and pursue the immortality of the spirit. Preacher Moses Sun, a co-worker of Living in Jesus Ministries, is explaining and recording the first command of the Lord Jesus: believers must be born again and be saved.

Ministry Report (7/09/2020)

Thank God! Living in Jesus Ministries continued to add new programs in the first half of 2020 (accumulated more than 5,000 audio and video programs in this month) and continue to expand into new areas. Today, we have gone through a two-year journey. Looking back, we must thank God for His faithfulness and anointing, which enabled our ministry to blossom and bear fruits. This is that, on the basis of the principles of faith, we adhere to the attitude of open development; that is, we do not set any boundaries, and let the moving and arrangement of the Holy Spirit lead us on the way ahead to expand the scope of our co-workers and services. Thank God! Chinese people all over the world can listen to the free gospel programs provided by Living in Jesus Ministries from any country or island.


Peace be with Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Praise the Lord Jesus! Thank God for leading the path of living in Jesus Ministries; and thank you for your prayers and support. In order to promote the continuous development of the ministry and invite more believers in the Lord to participate in the ministry of living in Jesus, we conduct our annual Share-A-Thon for the Great Commission from mid-November to the end of each year. This year’s theme is: lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.